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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayBG348Dubai Airport (AE)06:40
MondayBG336King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)10:01
MondayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:45
MondayBG322Seeb International Airport (OM)09:25
MondayBG340King Khaled International Airport (SA)16:11
MondayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:37
MondayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
MondayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
MondayBG202Civil Airport (BD)10:53
MondayBG128Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)11:37
MondayBG152Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)11:52
MondayBG372Tribhuvan International Airport (NP)13:40
MondayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
MondayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)14:09
MondayBG208Civil Airport (BD)13:43
MondayBG3102Jeddah (SA)23:09
MondayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
MondayBG3114King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)00:41
MondayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
MondayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
MondayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:10
MondayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)21:50
MondayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:10
MondayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
MondayBG326Hamad International Airport (QA)05:56
TuesdayBG338Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (SA)09:12
TuesdayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:05
TuesdayBG328Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)09:45
TuesdayBG226Civil Airport (BD)08:38
TuesdayBG148Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)08:58
TuesdayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:35
TuesdayBG3020King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)18:35
TuesdayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
TuesdayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
TuesdayBG122Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:27
TuesdayBG236Civil Airport (BD)11:13
TuesdayBG63Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)17:50
TuesdayBG3104Jeddah (SA)21:29
TuesdayBG494Saidpur Airport (BD)12:40
TuesdayBG472Barisal Airport (BD)12:50
TuesdayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)13:20
TuesdayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
TuesdayBG208Civil Airport (BD)13:43
TuesdayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
TuesdayBG585Changi International Airport (SG)17:50
TuesdayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
TuesdayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
TuesdayBG616Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)17:40
TuesdayBG468Jessore Airport (BD)19:05
TuesdayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:10
TuesdayBG3130King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)05:25
TuesdayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)21:50
TuesdayBG3116Jeddah (SA)06:29
TuesdayBG3208Unknown city (NL)06:50
TuesdayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:10
TuesdayBG350King Fahad International Airport (SA)06:26
TuesdayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
WednesdayBG348Dubai Airport (AE)06:40
WednesdayBG344Kuwait International Airport (KW)09:17
WednesdayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:35
WednesdayBG322Seeb International Airport (OM)09:12
WednesdayBG328Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)10:36
WednesdayBG340King Khaled International Airport (SA)15:30
WednesdayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:35
WednesdayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
WednesdayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
WednesdayBG202Sylhet (BD)10:35
WednesdayBG3022Jeddah (SA)20:06
WednesdayBG136Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)11:13
WednesdayBG63Abu Dhabi (AE)17:50
WednesdayBG252Civil Airport (BD)11:53
WednesdayBG3106Jeddah (SA)21:24
WednesdayBG494Saidpur Airport (BD)12:40
WednesdayBG372Tribhuvan International Airport (NP)13:40
WednesdayBG472Barisal Airport (BD)12:50
WednesdayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)13:20
WednesdayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
WednesdayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
WednesdayBG398Indira Gandhi International Airport (IN)18:05
WednesdayBG3132Jeddah (SA)01:32
WednesdayBG585Singapore (SG)17:50
WednesdayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
WednesdayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
WednesdayBG616Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)17:40
WednesdayBG3118King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)03:40
WednesdayBG375Singapore (SG)19:50
WednesdayBG468Jessore Airport (BD)19:05
WednesdayBG383Kuala Lumpur (MY)20:32
WednesdayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:43
WednesdayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)21:50
WednesdayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:25
WednesdayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
WednesdayBG350King Fahad International Airport (SA)07:09
ThursdayBG338Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (SA)09:31
ThursdayBG336King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)09:30
ThursdayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:36
ThursdayBG340King Khaled International Airport (SA)15:30
ThursdayBG126Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)08:07
ThursdayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:20
ThursdayBG148Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)09:10
ThursdayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
ThursdayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
ThursdayBG122Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:27
ThursdayBG228Civil Airport (BD)11:33
ThursdayBG3404Madinah (SA)20:11
ThursdayBG494Saidpur Airport (BD)12:40
ThursdayBG372Tribhuvan International Airport (NP)13:52
ThursdayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
ThursdayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)14:30
ThursdayBG152Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)15:12
ThursdayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
ThursdayBG482Rajshahi Airport (BD)16:05
ThursdayBG3120Jeddah (SA)01:23
ThursdayBG436Coxs Bazar (BD)17:05
ThursdayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
ThursdayBG616Chittagong (BD)17:40
ThursdayBG474Barisal (BD)18:30
ThursdayBG468Jessore (BD)19:05
ThursdayBG389Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)20:34
ThursdayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:32
ThursdayBG3212Madinah (SA)05:05
ThursdayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)21:50
ThursdayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:10
ThursdayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
FridayBG344Kuwait International Airport (KW)09:05
FridayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:20
FridayBG352Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)10:05
FridayBG340King Khaled International Airport (SA)15:39
FridayBG248Civil Airport (BD)08:28
FridayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:35
FridayBG3040Jeddah (SA)18:54
FridayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
FridayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
FridayBG202Sylhet (BD)10:18
FridayBG222Civil Airport (BD)10:23
FridayBG128Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)11:37
FridayBG63Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)18:05
FridayBG494Saidpur Airport (BD)12:40
FridayBG472Barisal Airport (BD)12:50
FridayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)13:20
FridayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
FridayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
FridayBG482Rajshahi Airport (BD)16:05
FridayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
FridayBG585Changi International Airport (SG)17:50
FridayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
FridayBG616Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)17:40
FridayBG3108King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)03:06
FridayBG389Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)19:35
FridayBG468Jessore Airport (BD)19:05
FridayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:10
FridayBG3214Madinah (SA)05:05
FridayBG350King Fahad International Airport (SA)05:00
FridayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)22:21
FridayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:10
FridayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
SaturdayBG387Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)04:05
SaturdayBG328Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)10:28
SaturdayBG148Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)08:28
SaturdayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:35
SaturdayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
SaturdayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:28
SaturdayBG122Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:27
SaturdayBG202Civil Airport (BD)10:53
SaturdayBG63Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)17:59
SaturdayBG372Tribhuvan International Airport (NP)13:40
SaturdayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
SaturdayBG208Sylhet (BD)13:43
SaturdayBG694Saidpur Airport (BD)15:50
SaturdayBG3124Madinah (SA)00:50
SaturdayBG482Rajshahi Airport (BD)16:05
SaturdayBG3110Jeddah (SA)01:15
SaturdayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
SaturdayBG585Changi International Airport (SG)17:50
SaturdayBG398Indira Gandhi International Airport (IN)19:27
SaturdayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
SaturdayBG616Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)17:40
SaturdayBG468Jessore Airport (BD)19:05
SaturdayBG3216Madinah (SA)05:05
SaturdayBG618Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)20:10
SaturdayBG3224Jeddah (SA)07:40
SaturdayBG350King Fahad International Airport (SA)06:48
SaturdayBG326Hamad International Airport (QA)07:02
SundayBG3226King Abdulaziz International Airport (SA)09:32
SundayBG348Dubai Airport (AE)06:40
SundayBG338Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (SA)09:33
SundayBG344Kuwait International Airport (KW)09:45
SundayBG322Seeb International Airport (OM)08:53
SundayBG328Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AE)10:11
SundayBG352Sharjah Int. Airport (AE)10:11
SundayBG392Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)09:35
SundayBG340Riyadh (SA)16:47
SundayBG612Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)10:10
SundayBG462Jessore Airport (BD)10:05
SundayBG202Civil Airport (BD)10:53
SundayBG3030Jeddah (SA)20:01
SundayBG136Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)11:13
SundayBG63Abu Dhabi (AE)18:02
SundayBG372Tribhuvan International Airport (NP)13:40
SundayBG472Barisal Airport (BD)12:50
SundayBG494Saidpur Airport (BD)13:06
SundayBG434Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)13:20
SundayBG602Civil Airport (BD)13:45
SundayBG3220Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (SA)23:45
SundayBG694Saidpur (BD)15:50
SundayBG398Indira Gandhi International Airport (IN)18:06
SundayBG436Coxs Bazar Airport (BD)17:05
SundayBG604Civil Airport (BD)17:20
SundayBG616Shah Amanat International Airport (BD)17:40
SundayBG389Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)19:35
SundayBG468Jessore Airport (BD)19:05
SundayBG618Chittagong (BD)20:10
SundayBG396Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)21:50
SundayBG496Saidpur Airport (BD)22:10
SundayBG606Civil Airport (BD)23:00
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
BG585 on 06/2022
BG604 on 06/2022
BG616 on 06/2022
BG434 on 06/2022
BG606 on 06/2022
BG496 on 06/2022
BG372 on 06/2022
BG387 on 06/2022
BG434 on 06/2022
BG372 on 06/2022
BG472 on 06/2022
BG202 on 06/2022
BG396 on 06/2022
BG389 on 06/2022
BG398 on 06/2022
BG387 on 06/2022
BG602 on 06/2022
BG472 on 06/2022
BG694 on 06/2022
BG340 on 06/2022
BG468 on 06/2022
BG585 on 06/2022
BG604 on 06/2022
BG604 on 06/2022
BG387 on 06/2022
BG496 on 06/2022
BG602 on 06/2022
BG372 on 06/2022
BG392 on 06/2022
BG472 on 06/2022
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